Broadway Dreams offers seven (7) different types of internships. Please apply for the internship that best suits your experience and objectives. The signature unpaid internship requires a student to dedicate 40 hours prior to the Summer Intensive. Students must complete work hours and/or payments at least one (1) week prior to the first day of the Summer Intensive.

Internship types


  • Stage experience is necessary.
  • Interest in the core musical theatre disciplines, including: singing; acting; and dancing.
  • Responsible for student wrangling and oversight throughout the week.
  • Qualified performers may be included in the culminating performance.

 Arts Administration

  • No experience necessary.
  • Interest in all areas of management, including: operations; teacher curriculum curation; box office management; community building; and event planning.

 Technical Theatre/Stage Management

  • No experience necessary.
  • Interest in all aspects of technical theatre, including: light and sound plots; microphone operations; production set builds; and crew management.
  • Interest in all aspects of stage management, including: calling performance cues; scheduling; coordinating with the creative team coordination; and serving as a liaison between performers and management.

 Musical Assistance

  • Experience necessary, with a focus on music arrangement.
  • Interest in all areas of music, including: music director assisting; conducting; playing instruments (piano proficiency); music cataloging; and music theory.


  • Experience necessary.
  • Interests in all areas of fashion and costuming, including: design; production; and alterations.


  • Experience required, with a focus on video editing.
  • Interests in all areas of videography and photography.

 Social Media & Marketing

  • No experience necessary. 
  • Strong command of language preferred. 
  • Interest in all areas of marketing and communications, inclusive of student, audience, and community engagement.